Managed Services
We prioritise the quality and condition of our equipment and have a diverse asset portfolio allowing us to support even the most challenging client project requirements with the ability to operate in a range of seabed conditions and water depths.
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Our team of highly skilled , permanent offshore personnel are highly motivated, professional individuals who are committed to delivering work at the highest standards.

We supply a variety of industry leaders with qualified offshore personell who can operate TROVs, WROVs & Subsea Ploughs from PT’s - Supervisors - Superintendents - Client Reps.
We have extensive experience working with energy developers, and are fully committed to supporting the continued growth of the offshore renewable sector.
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Equipment Personnel Careers Managed Services

We have developed an unrivalled reputation across the offshore sectors as a reliable, specialist equipment and people provider with a wealth of experience and a proven global track record.

years of
Our Offering

Fully equipped

Our growing asset fleet includes Jet-trenching ROV’s (TROV), Work-class ROV’s (WROV’s), Controlled Flow Excavators (CFE’s) plus a suite of ancillary equipment & tools. This comprehensive range of subsea equipment enables us to meet the many unique challenges that the offshore energy industry tasks us with.

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Personnel at our core

Our personnel are at the heart of everything we do. Pharos Offshore Group was founded on the principle that people make the difference which ensures we both attract and retain the offshore industry’s most talented individuals.


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As part of our on-going mission to support partners who prioritise a more sustainable world for generations to come, we not only maintain our specialist equipment to the highest of standards, but also upgrade our asset fleet to reduce unnecessary waste and to maximise utilisation.

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Our Story

Established in 2003, Pharos Offshore is the partner of choice for specialist equipment, manpower and engineering in the subsea energy markets, including seabed intervention and operation, inspection activities and cable installation and burial. We provide a unique set of skills with decades of hands-on experience, allowing us to offer world-class engineering and support to our ever- growing client base.

With a focus on safety, reliability and efficiency, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including equipment supply, offshore manning, technical services and general engineering solutions.

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A global knowledge

Our interactive map shows our proven track record across the globe. For further information on any of our projects, please ‘find out more’ below or get in touch with our team.


Each individual dot indicates projects completed, whilst the markers highlight key projects successfully delivered. Please interact with the map to discover more information.

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Taiwan, Yunlin
Canada to Alaska
Saudi Arabia, Red Sea
Coast of France
River Weser, Germany
Coast of Kent, London
Pharos HQ, Blyth
Aix en Provence, Marseille

Our capabilities

Shallow Water Trenching & Burial
Deep Water Trenching & Burial
Export Cable Trenching & Burial
Array Cable Trenching & Burial
Umbilical Trenching & Burial
Telecoms Trenching & Burial
Interconnector Trenching & Burial
Flexibles Trenching and burial
Touch Down Monitoring (TDM)
ROV Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR/IRM)
ROV Drill Support
ROV Advanced Diagnostics & Repair Work
Subsea Intervention
Subsea Construction Support
Subsea 3D & Visual Surveys
Depth of Burial Surveys
UXO Survey
UXO Identification & Clearance (UXO ID&C)
ROV Dredging
Support of Life of Field Services
Decommissioning Operations
Asset Excavation
Cable Recovery and Repair
Salvage Operations
Harbour & Seabed Clearance
Seabed topography & subsea asset survey
Seabed Levelling/Preparation
Asset Protection Placement & Disposal
Subsea Mattress Installation
3rd Party Manning Services
Technical Support & Asset Maintenance
Controlled Flow Excavation (CFE/MFE)
Offshore Project Support
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