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We prioritise the quality and condition of our equipment and have a diverse asset portfolio allowing us to support even the most challenging client project requirements with the ability to operate in a range of seabed conditions and water depths.
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Our team of highly skilled , permanent offshore personnel are highly motivated, professional individuals who are committed to delivering work at the highest standards.

We supply a variety of industry leaders with qualified offshore personell who can operate TROVs, WROVs & Subsea Ploughs from PT’s - Supervisors - Superintendents - Client Reps.
We have extensive experience working with energy developers, and are fully committed to supporting the continued growth of the offshore renewable sector.
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New UTV1100 Contract for Work on Major UK Offshore Wind Farm

We are pleased to announce the award a new contract for the burial of Export cables on one of the world’s largest wind farms to the UK power grid.
For this project, we are contracted as a Turnkey solutions provider. Not only will we utilise our UTV1100 jet-trencher, but we will also be responsible for the vessel charter and survey works. As part of this scope, we will be responsible for the burial of two HVDC cables and a fibre-optic cable within the ‘nearshore section’.
Alongside the unique challenges of burying cables within shallow water, we have the ability to handle the demanding requirements of this project when using our state-of-the-art technology and enhanced capabilities. This project further reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality subsea trenching solutions across the renewables sector. The project marks another milestone in our history, helping to support the installation of infrastructure for sustainable energy and contributing to the successful integration of renewable resources into the UK’s energy portfolio.
Our role in connecting this major UK offshore wind farm to the grid is a prime example of our expertise in managing unique projects such as nearshore and shore end scopes whilst utilising our own assets on a turnkey basis.
“Offshore wind is the future of sustainable, clean energy, so we’re thrilled to be working on connecting this pioneering Wind Farm project to the grid. Securing this work scope further demonstrates why we are becoming the partner of choice for seabed trenching,” comments Russell Edmondson, Managing Director of Pharos Offshore Group.
We own and operate a range of subsea jet trenchers and work-class ROVs, having also recently announced the expansion of our subsea fleet. For this scope, we will utilise our UTV1100 jet trencher whose benefits include:
– 0-200m operating depth meaning it can operate from shore through the splash zone
– 1100hp of jetting power, delivered directly to the sword with trench depths of up to 3m
– Compact deck footprint, crane launchable meaning quick and effective mobilisation
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