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Pharos Offshore Group – An Update

Who Are Pharos Offshore Group?
Pharos Offshore Group are a British specialist equipment, manpower and engineering company. We provide solutions to global challenges for the subsea pipeline, cable installation and burial industry, and recently expanded our portfolio of trenching assets with the state-of-the-art Q1000 Jet-Trenching ROV. Originally established as a specialist manning agency, Pharos Offshore has steadily grown over the last decade, adding an engineering division and rental asset pool in response to client-demand and organic growth.
Why are Pharos different?
Pharos Offshore works in close partnership with its clients for long term mutual benefit and believes in offering only the best technical solutions. They provide deep professionalism and breadth of experience in support of customers subsea project delivery. Moving towards 2020, with new assets for a new era, Pharos Offshore is uniquely placed to provide:
The security that comes from working with a UK-based business with a global reputation, presence and experience.A hugely experienced and highly trained specialist workforce across trenching, subsea burial and cable installation.End to end technical options, either through upgrades of client capabilities or lease options of Pharos Offshore’s market-leading platforms.Consultancy on innovative solutions to new and known problems.
Pharos Offshore has been involved with a multitude of successful burial operations across a wide and varied range of locations, water depths and soil conditions. Since its formation in 2003, the company has racked up an impressive tally of over 160,000km of successful subsea burial operations, with 6,500km being to 3m depth or greater.
Pharos Offshore’s assets continue to add to the company’s accrual of trenching distance with the beginning of another exceptionally busy year; with work scopes already being recorded in Europe, North America and South America so far during 2019 for trenching and excavation campaigns. The company noted that tendering activity is picking up in other global regions too, as the Pharos Offshore Business Development teams make their way through to customers, globally.
The Pharos Offshore manpower division has also been busy supporting burial tasks recently in the European region, with scheduled work due to begin in Asia later in 2019. The major benefit of the offshore manpower capabilities has always been due to the hire-model Pharos Offshore utilises; personnel are permanent staff with the company, allowing for consistency in quality and performance for the firm’s clients.
The firm’s engineering department also continues to have major successes in assisting clients with hands-on consultancy, regarding the design, purchasing, maintenance and operations of new, established and concept pieces of equipment.
The asset pool within the Pharos Offshore rental division is able to respond to numerous burial, de-burial and recovery operations through the use of the company’s range of Jet-trenching ROV’s, CFE500 Controlled Mass Flow Excavation system, Shore-end Plough and grab equipment for mattresses, pipes, flexibles, boulders and debris.
What has Pharos done?
Recent project deliveries include:
The utilisation of UTV400 and offshore personnel for the cable burial of the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN), which is a 12,800km cable joining Los Angeles and Hong Kong and Curie submarine cable system, a 10,000km cable connecting Los Angeles, California, and Valparaiso, Chile. Post Lay Burial of two export cables using the UTV1200 vehicle which were installed at the Race Bank Wind Farm off the coast of Norfolk in the United Kingdom.UTV1200 Tracked trencher was utilised for the burial of two power cables at a depth of 2m for the Prince Edward Island Interconnector Cable interconnection upgrade within the Northumberland Strait between the provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Jet Trenching was used to collapse trench walls to enable backfill.Project Management and Manpower supply to a renowned renewables and power cable installation company, whereby Pharos Offshore’s expertise were utilised to operate and manage various aspects of the installation and burial programmes including the Borssele and Horns Rev 3 wind farms. Equipment rental Supply, Project management and manpower services in the execution of a cable-trenching campaign for a global-leader in the internet arena. The project also encompassed the addition of pre-trench-survey, post-trench-survey and post-project-reporting requirements.Consultancy and Project Management for the design and build of two entirely bespoke cable installation, ROV and Cable Trenching Spreads for a global cable installation firm. The project also incorporates the training of the company’s personnel on the use of the equipment and the performance of all sea-trial operations, documentation and post-delivery reporting.
Where is Pharos going next?
Pharos Offshore commented that with the large collation of orders the company has confirmed in recent months, they are further expanding personnel levels within the operations, technological and commercial departments of the company, adding to the recruitment drive already completed in 2018.
CEO Phil Walker has also expanded the executive management team, which now has over 100 years of collective experience across the subsea installation and burial industries.
Pharos Offshore’s latest addition to its rental fleet, the Q1000, is brimming with the very-latest in subsea technology, with an impressive control and measurement system, sea-state 6 Launch and Recovery System and a clever modular design which enables the Q1000 to be rapidly shipped, set-up and ready to operate anywhere in the world.
The Q1000 is optimal for pre-lay or post-lay trenching operations of subsea pipelines, cables and umbilicals, with the advantageous capability of being able to simultaneous lay and bury subsea cables.
It fills a market gap for a mobile, reliable and high-powered jet trenching ROV and has been highly effective on a range of burial projects in recent years.
The purchase of the Q1000 will assist Pharos Offshore in delivering a global service and further establishes their market position to be the partner of choice for specialist equipment, manpower and engineering in the subsea pipeline, cable installation and burial industry.
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