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Subsea Cable Burial – UTV1100 Trenching ROV

Subsea Cable Burial – UTV1100 Trenching ROV

The UTV1100 stands as a prime example of rental flexibility for subsea cable burial. This jet trenching ROV showcases an impressive combination of power, adaptability, and innovation, making it a go-to choice for shallow water cable burial projects around the globe. The UTV1100’s features and recent project involvements underscore its capacity to address a broad spectrum of operational challenges.

Versatile Features and Power Delivery

Equipped with 1100 horsepower and capable of operating in water depths from 0 to 200 meters, the UTV1100 can tackle a variety of environments—from the beaches of coastlines to more considerable depths offshore. This versatility is further emphasised by its ability to trench up to 3 meters deep. This ensures that it can meet the requirements of various projects, such as the successful cable burial off the coast of Denmark and the extensive subsea trenching work near Saudi Arabia. Its ability to deliver power directly to the jetting sword enhances its efficiency, enabling the UTV1100 to bury cables in excess of required depths with a single pass, as proven in a North Sea O&G project.

UTV1100 subsea cable burial TROV with jetting sword turned on mid air suspended by crane over water

Compact Form Factor

The compact deck layout of the UTV1100 underscores its adaptability and ease of mobilisation. Being light and road transportable allows for quick deployment to project sites, a critical factor for projects with tight schedules or those in remote locations. Its capability for crane-launching from diverse platforms, such as multicats, barges, or larger vessels, adds to its operational flexibility. The UTV1100‘s design caters to time sensitive and variable demands of the subsea cable burial projects.

UTV1100 on flatbed truck

Proven Track Record

Pharos’ UTV1100‘s project track record reveals its capacity to handle technical challenges with innovative solutions, a trait that significantly enhances its rental appeal. For instance, in the Saudi Arabian project, it successfully completed 60km of shallow water cable burial across challenging seabed conditions. The project’s success was partly due to the implementation of a bespoke silt mitigation solution designed by the Pharos team, showcasing the UTV1100‘s ability to adapt to environmentally sensitive and technically demanding projects. This adaptability not only ensures project success but also minimises environmental impact, an increasingly important consideration in today’s project planning.


Exceeding Expectations in Subsea Cable Burial

The positive feedback from industry professionals, including a senior project engineer and an offshore project manager, attests to the UTV1100‘s reliability and superior performance. These endorsements highlight its capability to exceed project expectations and reaffirm its status as a preferred option for rental in challenging subsea cable burial operations. The ability to meet and surpass project requirements with a single trenching pass, indicates not only operational efficiency but also potential cost savings for projects.


Rental Flexibility and Efficiency for Global Subsea Projects

The UTV1100 TROV exemplifies rental flexibility through its combination of high power, compact and adaptable design, and innovative solutions to technical challenges. Its successful deployment in diverse environments and challenging projects, coupled with its rapid mobilisation capability and positive industry feedback, proves its worth as a rental asset. The UTV1100‘s design and operational track record demonstrate its readiness to meet the evolving and varied needs of the subsea trenching industry, making it an invaluable tool for projects worldwide.


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