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We prioritise the quality and condition of our equipment and have a diverse asset portfolio allowing us to support even the most challenging client project requirements with the ability to operate in a range of seabed conditions and water depths.
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Our team of highly skilled , permanent offshore personnel are highly motivated, professional individuals who are committed to delivering work at the highest standards.

We supply a variety of industry leaders with qualified offshore personell who can operate TROVs, WROVs & Subsea Ploughs from PT’s - Supervisors - Superintendents - Client Reps.
We have extensive experience working with energy developers, and are fully committed to supporting the continued growth of the offshore renewable sector.
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Successful Award for

Pharos Offshore Group are pleased to announce the award of a significant trenching scope of works within the Red Sea. The project will be executed using the Pharos UTV670 shallow water trencher which has a proven track record of operating in challenging shallow water conditions. The project is due to complete in early 2023.


UTV670 can perform in waters as shallow as 2m and is the ideal tool for projects that include beach landings and shore ends. The vehicle comes fitted with an individual jetting sword, which is ideal for bundled cables and large cable joints. The trencher spread has a small footprint, suiting itself to small shallow draft vessels, utilising the onboard crane for launch and recovery.


Pharos are delighted to maintain a busy schedule over the winter months, with our trenching assets in high demand and ready to fulfil the 2023 offshore calendar.


Based from Blyth in the North East of England, Pharos Offshore Group provides seabed intervention and subsea services to the global offshore energy sector utilising a broad asset portfolio in conjunction with highly skilled in-house offshore technical professionals.


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